2. Setting up RosTeamWorkspace

2.1. Installation of RosTeamWS

To start using RosTeamWS framework clone the repository to any location using:

git clone https://github.com/StoglRobotics/ros_team_workspace.git

Source the setup.bash` in the top folder of RosTeamWorkspace:

source ros_team_workspace/setup.bash

That’s all. You are now set to use RosTeamWS. If you want to add auto-sourcing you can simply execute the following command:


This is going to configure the RosTeamWorkspace permanently. If you want to revert those changes or prefer to do them by yourself simply follow the next few steps.

2.2. Manual auto-sourcing

Add auto-sourcing of configuration to your .bashrc file by adding the following lines to its end using your favorite text editor (e.g., vim or nano):

if [ -f ~/.ros_team_ws_rc ]; then
    . ~/.ros_team_ws_rc

Copy <PATH TO ros_team_workspace>/templates/.ros_team_ws_rc file to your home folder using

cp <PATH TO ros_team_workspace>/templates/.ros_team_ws_rc ~/

In ~/.ros_team_ws_rc adjust the following values using your favorite text editor:

  • <PATH TO ros_team_workspace> to point to the path to the framework folder


If you have ROS installed at another location than /opt/ros/<ros-distro> , please adjust the ALTERNATIVE_ROS_<ROS-DISTRO>_LOCATION variable in the ~/.ros_team_ws_rc to the according location.

Now you are ready to: