Create New Package

This use-case describes how to create a new package using scripts from the ROS Team Workspace (RosTeamWS) framework.

General Script for Creating Packages

create-new-package script is used, accepting the package name and description as parameters.


The script has to be executed from the source folder of your workspace.

Usage of script for setting up new packages.
create-new-package NAME DESCRIPTION

When executing the script, read all output carefully. If you make any wrong decision or enter incorrect data, use <CTRL>+C keys to terminate the script.

The script supports the following options and opportunities for data entry:

  1. Type of the package (standard, metapackage, or subpackage) - multiple choice

    • If subpackage, then you will need to enter the name of its metapackage

  2. License (string) - choose a license to add into package.xml - multiple choice

  3. Maintainer info: name and email (user input, local git, global git) - multiple choice

  4. Package build type (ament_cmake, ament_python, cmake) - multiple choice

  5. Create/Update repository with CI configuration - (y/n)

After a package is created, you can choose to configure or update the repository. When a new package or metapackage is created, the setup-repository.bash script is called. Check here for its documentation.