Setup robot description

This use-case describes how to set up a robot description package using scripts from ROS Team Workspace (RosTeamWS) framework. The package follows as far as possible best practices for robot support packages from ROS-Industrial consortia. (This has to be verified!)

Script for Setting up Description Package

setup-robot-description script accepts the robot name. The package name is obtained from the ‘package.xml’ file.


it is recommended to setup your package using create-new-package script.


The script has to be executed from the folder where the package should be generated.

The scripts copies template files from the templates/robot_description folder, renames the files, and replaces the placeholders.

Usage of script for setting up the robot description.
setup-robot-description ROBOT_NAME

After all files are copied and placeholders set, changes are automatically staged in git.

To test the generated files compile and source your workspace and execute:

Test generated files.
ros2 launch <PKG_NAME>  view_<ROBOT_NAME>